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Personal Loan

Whether you require small loans to meet your urgent needs, such as repairing your TV, repaying medical bills or even buying a new vehicle iwantCapital are able to help with our personal loans services.
With iwantCapital, you no longer need to struggle and stress with inadequate savings or a pay check that isn’t quite enough to fund what you need. Our personal loan services enable you to get what you need whilst keeping your bank account balanced.


What Are The Benefits Getting Your Personal Loan Through Us?

Everyone gets caught out financially from time to time. Even if you have a watertight budget and manage your finances in a responsible manner, it’s still inevitable that at some point, unexpected expensive will come up and threaten to throw your entire financial equilibrium out of balance.



We know that when you need an emergency loan, time is of the essence, that’s why we work hard to provide fast credit decisions and immediate access to the money once your loan is approved. We’ve made the application process simple and convenient too with an online form that takes just a few minutes to fill out. Once you’re approved for the loan, one of our friendly customer service staff will contact you and advise you from there.



More Choices end up in Better Deals.

To ensure that our services are available to all Singaporeans, we don’t require collaterals or a co-signer to approve your personal loans; we also charge reasonable rates of interest and offer payment plans to ensure you stay on track. If you need cash to tackle emergency expenses or require a small amount of money, which you can repay quickly. iwantCapital is where you can turn to.



We do all the Legwork.

The entire personal loan process is tedious. You’ve got to deal with tons of paperwork, negotiation with bankers, and lots of running around.

Our personal loans enable you to manage your financial situation with ease. Working with us, you circumvent all the classic borrowing risks and have a flexible repayment plan tailored to your needs.

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iwantCapital will automatically help you find the best personal loan rates. We work side by side with senior bankers to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice.

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Step 1

Complete a single free loan application.

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Get the best financing options available for yourself.

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Step 3

Get Funds!

Personal Loans in Singapore

We have done the work on your behalf and have compiled the best personal loan rates in Singapore. Speak to us to find the best personal loan in the market. The usual time intensive process of reviewing individual loan packages from the various banks can now be done in seconds.


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