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Mortgage Loan

A mortgage may be the biggest financial commitment you will ever make, which is why choosing the right mortgage loan is critical.


Getting a lower interest makes a big difference

iwantCapital matches businesses with lenders. We have arranged over $1 billion dollars in personal funding and we know we can help your to achieve your dream house!

Shopping around the banks for the lowest rate is a very time consuming activity, Our close ties with the banks enable us to have access to all the latest rates at our fingertips, saving you hours of your precious time. Being the experts in this field, we also keep ourselves updated with the latest market news and regulations to be able to better advise you.

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Approval in Principle

If you are planning to buy a property, the first thing you should do is to figure out your budget and how much you can loan from the bank. This can be done by an Approval In Principle application from the banks. An Approval in Principle is a pre-approved loan by the banks that will let you know how much they will loan you.

It is highly recommended that you apply for this In Principle Approval even before you start looking for a place.

This will save you time by viewing only properties within your budget, and also giving you the confidence to commit immediately when you have found your dream property. I have heard so manys stories of clients losing their initial deposit because they are unable to obtain loan approval.

However not all banks encourage In Principle Approval as there is upfront costs in determining the credit profile of a customer, and also involves additional work for the bankers.

iwantCapital currently works with 16 banks in Singapore. Over time, we have built up great relationships with bankers who are friendly, reliable and efficient. We are also very well informed on the latest mortgage rates and credit procedures for each bank, enabling us to make better recommendations to you.

Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR)

The MAS Rulings in Singapore including TDSR, affect both the First Time Home Buyer and the Property Investor.

Here are some reason how TDSR is actually affecting YOU:

  • You can’t borrow as much for your home loan.

  • Your maximum loan tenure has been reduced by 5-10 years.

  • Your maximum loan % (LTV) is subject to a further 10-20% reduction.

  • You must pay 5-15% more cash upfront on your downpayment.

  • You must pay 5-7% more tax to the government.

Like YOU, most of the buyers are confused on how this is affecting them.

This is where iwantCapital can help You!

Speak to any of our consultants and within 5 minutes, we will tell YOU indicatively

  • How much can you borrow from a bank

  • The maximum loan tenure you qualify for

  • The maximum loan % (LTV) you qualify for

  • How much cash versus CPF you need

  • How much stamp duty you are liable to pay

  • What is your TDSR percentage

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