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Finding a new home loan or re-financing your current home loan can be a major headache. Here’s where we can help. Learn more about how iwantCapital connects borrowers and lenders through its safe and efficient online platform.


Why use iwantCapital?


We come from the neighbourhood and speak “Simple Singlish”.

We know that understanding your home loan can be tough. It is complex and filled with complicated conditions & jargon like TDSR, MSR, SIBOR, SOR etc. Please do not be stressed out trying to figure them out all by yourself.

Our Home Loan consultants will explain everything you need to know in simple, easy-to-understand terms.



More Options = Better Deal

If you’re trying to get your home loan on your own or through your real estate agent, good luck – there’s a higher than 95% chance you’re not getting the best deal.

Our Loan Specialists helps you to access to over 200 home loans from all of Singapore’s top banks and finance institutes.



We do All the Legwork

The entire home loan process is tedious. You have got to deal with paperwork, negotiate with bankers, and run lots of errand to get it right.

Our Home Loan consultants will help you compare loan options, assist with loan paperwork, and negotiate with the bankers until your home loan is settled.

Furthermore, You don’t have to pay a single cent to us!

Because the banks pay us a commission once the mortgage deal is finalised.


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Step 1

Complete a single free loan application.

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Step 2

Get the best financing options available for your home.

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Step 3

Get Funds!

Sibor Rate

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iwantCapital will help you find the best home loan rates. We compile the rates from all major lenders in Singapore for you to choose from. Our home loan calculator will analyse your housing type, loan amount and loan tenure to automatically calculate the monthly instalment for you. Do not make a rash decision with regard to your home loan, speak to a senior consultant from iwantCapital. We work along side with local bankers to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice.

Home Loans in Singapore

We have done the work on your behalf and have compiled the best home loan rates for you in Singapore. Use our Home Loan wizard to find the best home loan rates for your needs. The usual time intensive process of reviewing individual loan packages from the various banks can now be done in seconds.


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